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Permanent LinkPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:45 pm 
I dyed my hair again yesterday and each time it gets blonder and blonder, I rather fancy it. It is a far cry from my angsty goth teenage years when I started dying my hair black to oppose the societal standards of attractiveness. Even as a confused and desperately lonely youngster I was an innate feminist who rises up in the face of authority. Now I’m turning 30 and seem to be wanted to claw back any last chance attempts at being young and beautiful, or as the kids call it – “fit”. I always feared becoming the dowdy brunette in sensible shoes and a hiking fleece, I need another 10 years of youth before that happens!

In other news, I got my final marks back for my masters degree. I achieved a good respectable mid-merit. I could have done better, I did let myself down a couple of times due to general academic fatigue, but one must make mistakes in order to progress so it’s all good. I am highly considering going in for a very unique and niche teacher training course next year. The percentage of people who pass is 20% and there are less than 30 people in the country with this qualification so it will be a hard core few years! I can tell you more about it in the flesh if you like. On a related note, I have been busy preening my real life career and have had some great breakthroughs – long days in London, brain breakdowns, back ache and ‘the commute’, but literally living the dream. So, apologies if I have been hard to get lately.

I hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous Autumnal scenery at the moment, get out in nature while you can. It is a good time of year for a quick detox and spring clean which for me means, an alcohol free November, a few morning jaunts round Preston Park and copious amounts of house work. This was spurred on by a nuclear attack of gastric flu, something I would even spare my mortal enemies of. The only blip in my schedule is a cheeky 3 all-inclusive days in the Med’ with a friend. I’m so bloody excited about my mini holiday! My last was with my sister in Madeira 3 years ago, and the less said about that the better, it was less holiday, more familial obligation which I shan’t be repeating. This Christmas will be spent with the ‘rents in Cornwall, the flight is booked, the mind is prepared, even the presents are bought! *Smug*

Ciao for now.


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