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Dream Liner by Anonymous on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:47 pm
My friend and I found ourselves moaning in a pub garden the other day about our collective post-holiday blues. “Oh” we moaned, “how can we possibly survive until the end of the year without feeling foreign sun rays on our poor English skin”. Considering he’s had 4 holidays this year and I’ve had 3 (not including my 2 jaunts to Cornwall this summer) we must have sounded like 2 privileged snot nosed children.

I am constantly browsing Pirate Bay and Secret Escapes, and constantly trying to find someone who is free for a quick 100quid dash to Croatia, Barcelona or wherever the latest offer promises to take us. But, besides the bargain bin of Brits-abroad travel, where do I dream of going? (No shade, Croatia and Barcelona, I actually super wanna go, apparently you are both gorgeous!)

Currently my number 1 dream destination is Goa in India. I’ve heard great things from backpackers and honeymooners alike. According to the facts of the internet, it used to be a mecca for hippies in the 60s an...

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Berlin - Ich Liebe Dich by Anonymous on Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:04 pm
I had to say some sorry goodbyes to the 2 new loves of my life yesterday morning and hop on a miserable Easyjet plane.

Berlin was a feisty, astute and progressive son of a bitch, whose attitude made me weak at the knees. Although it’s streets seemed mean, the underlying current that flowed beneath them was full of love.

My friend and I spent 2 days bombing around on bicycles and took snaps of all the big posh buildings as well as more bizarre finds – a giant bench covered in graffiti, a canal littered with boat nightclubs, a swimming pool floating in a river, a derelict airport overtaken as a leisure park, and much more. My arse was killing me and my feet just about reached the pedal but it was liberating and exciting.

We ate good food and stayed in 2 different Airbnb pads – one as urban and hip as you can get, and the other as traditional and twee as you can get. I found myself asking “sprechen sie englisch” a fair amount, but the ears that heard me were more than happy to help. ...

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Massage in Kent by Ricky on Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:56 pm
Have seen website (Massage in Kent). Sounds promising. Has anyone been there. No photos on website so would be nice to know what the woman is like and how good she is.....

I took a bite out of the Big Apple, and it was sour.  by Anonymous on Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:44 pm
Some of you may have been aware that I was whisked away on an (almost) all expenses paid holiday by one of my regulars to the USA last week. I was intent on writing about all of the wonderful sight-seeing I had gotten up to. Instead, I would like to flesh out a deeper theme that developed throughout the trip.

One of the main requirements of escorts is to ‘keep face’; to be affable, charming and polite to people who you may not necessarily see eye to eye with. After all, it’s only an hour in their company and besides banal pillow talk you are only engaging in a physical transaction.

However, spending an entire 7 days glued to the hip with someone you don’t see eye to eye with is a challenge not many could handle. My hip-buddy had been a regular for the best part of a year, and I knew we viewed the world from opposite ends of the political and social spectrum, so it’s my own fault really. I shouldn’t have agreed to go on the trip, but I was so enamoured by the whole idea I convinced m...

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...And then I felt like I was having a smear test by Anonymous on Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:56 am
Common sense should prevail, but it’s rare that a man understands the fragility and precision that should be involved in fingering. Usually it is a case of shoving as many fingers as deep as possible, at a speed as fast as the arm will allow.

The female genitals are far more sensitive and delicate than yours. Would you go to a rose garden and start smashing up the bushes with a baseball bat? No. Because that’s usually what fingering feels like. Handle us with care. Ever seen a museum curator get his gloves on and leaf through an ancient text? Do that.

One finger always suffices. Go in 3 inches at the most and feel for the g-spot on the front wall. A slight ‘come-hither’ motion is enough to stimulate the clusters of nerves. Go any deeper and you’ll be punching my cervix. Yes, it bruises easily and no, it’s not nice.

If it feels a touch dry, it is perfectly acceptable to reach for the lube. It is right there on the side. Please refrain from spitting. I know you’ve seen it in porn bu...

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