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A move is on the horizon by IvyDerriere on Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:14 pm
You may or may not have noticed that my blogs are slowly dribbling away. I guess that’s an inevitable side effect of my ‘real life’ taking over. Things are tickety-boo in my universe though so no worries. Without divulging too much I’ll try to fill you in…
In a week’s time I shall be giving my landlord a month’s notice and searching for a flat towards Seaford or Eastbourne. I’m fussy though. I want a balcony, a sea view, 2 double bedrooms, leeway for a fluffy pet, an allocated parking space, a quiet road, a discreet entrance, south facing windows, my own front door…

I have had the time of my life in Brighton for the past couple of years but my priorities are changing. Many of you may be aware that I legit work from home – almost totally full time now – and it’s getting to the point where I’m yearning for a home office. A woman cave if you will. But this requires space, and you can get way more bang for your buck outside of the Brighton city walls.

If I were the sort of person to laz...

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Name change by Ms-Ryder on Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:51 pm
First please note the change of profile name. I've made an overhaul and now reflect my AW profile to my Domination website rather that the sensual site I will be eventually closing down when the domain comes up for renewal. For those who enjoy the more gentle Tie & Tease or sensual massage, do not fear I still play at various levels and cater to the newbs as well as more experienced.

My old website is up for renewal mid Feb, I will be closing the Annabelle site down. Several reasons for this are due to guys texting with "do you do anal" they just don't understand the services/activities offered (plonkers)


There is a Horsham escort with the name Annabelle charging £200 per hour for bare back and I do not wish to have the same name or any miss understandings, which there has been with guys booking Me for an hour and not understanding why I'm wearing a strap-on and want to spank their arse. Even though it's been discussed they have actually stated when they have ...

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Rockin' Around Christmas by IvyDerriere on Mon Dec 05, 2016 7:03 am
Since being an adult I’ve had a strange relationship with Christmas. One year indulging in sentimentality and having my hopes dashed when others don’t comply; another year would be spent stoically protesting Western culture and insisting on spending the day on my own.

This year I have been enjoying a full social calendar and have remembered what this time of year is really about: connection.

Last week I jaunted down to Bournemouth to see my best friend. We mooched around the Christmas market, drank our body weight in mulled wine and acquired some boot-shaped mugs covered with naff Germanic cartoons. We succumbed to the Black Friday sales, and as I approached the counter with an armful of winter woollies, she grabbed them off me, paid for them and said “happy Christmas”. I guess that saved her a job, and saved me a few quid.

My present to her was a handmade crochet dream catcher in all her favourite shades of green. I made my mum and step dad one each, and even had enough leftove...

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Field Reports by Ms-Ryder on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:26 am
Although I am no longer participating on the forum boards I am keeping an eye on here simply to see if my latest field reports are going on. I can't seem to find any recent ones so here they are: Re Parking is close by but do listen to the instructions given to avoid neighbour issues. This is because someone knocked on my neighbours house and was not an actual issue with the neighbour who did answer and client said sorry wrong house. That client had good feedback on AW and it was the one time I gave out my house number! :scratch:

Now I am ultra clear as to which house I am and won't even give out the door number until the person is parked up and that I can direct them.

The Greasy Pole by IvyDerriere on Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:18 am
Milestones tend to cause introspection and reflection. Turning 30 this year has been no exception. Although I have actually (almost) achieved everything on my “by the time I’m 30…” list, I feel more insecure about my future and less confident about my chances. Before I get all philosophical I guess I should spell it out for you first. This was my “by the time I’m 30 list”:

1. Get a master’s degree – check.
2. Get certification for an academic thingymaboo I do – check.
3. Work for a snazzy website – check.
4. Work for a snazzy institution in London – check.
5. Start writing a book – 3 failed starts.
6. Go around the world with a massive company – I’m on the books but not on the road. My time may come…or it may not.
7. Get published in an academic journal – paper submitted, yet to be accepted.

I’m doing well right? However, all is not what it seems. So far the master’s hasn’t been fruitful, besides the journal submission piece, and the certification has seemingly alienated me from peers i...

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