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The Final Curtain by Anonymous on Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:24 pm
I thought there would be some sort of grand finale or fan fair, but it’s quite the opposite. I’m happy to unceremoniously slip away. I pondered on whether even to bother posting this blog. But I thought, considering I’ve met so many genuinely lovely people over the years, it would be rude not to announce that I’m hanging up my stockings.
This time last year I was a resolute bachelor with often more money than sense, an insatiable appetite for partying and an absolute disdain for marriage, babies and that whole ‘settling down’ shit. But a lot can happen in a year…

About this time last year, I had struck quite a spark with a new regular, to the point where we broke the golden rules of the game – he stopped paying pretty quickly. I had been in these scenarios before; the guy says he wants to be your boyfriend, you put out, then realise it was all a game to get free sex. But this one was different. He showered me in more affection and sensuality than I knew was possible and was willing to ...

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NEW Suspension Bench, Cage, St Andrews Cross, Stocks etc by Ms-Ryder on Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:08 am
Sunday evening has been simply brilliant with the arrival of the marvellous Nigel and his assistant from with my new fantastic custom made piece of dungeon equipment.
Requests I have received over the last 2 years of owning my own premises and not having to hire others has been the following:

St Andrews Cross

Suspension Bench

Floating suspension and pallet wrap board

Luxury padded laying area (can be used for massage too)

A robust Cage

Set of Stocks, these fully adjustable

I now have a multipurpose gorgeous bespoke all singing/dancing piece of furniture that incorporates all mentioned!
The floating board, St Andrews Cross are fully removeable and Stocks adjustable for height.

I still have my wonderful bench for CP and pegging from the same supplier and my Gyno bench set up in my medical room. Also my smother box for face sitting...

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A move is on the horizon by Anonymous on Sat Jan 28, 2017 2:14 pm
You may or may not have noticed that my blogs are slowly dribbling away. I guess that’s an inevitable side effect of my ‘real life’ taking over. Things are tickety-boo in my universe though so no worries. Without divulging too much I’ll try to fill you in…
In a week’s time I shall be giving my landlord a month’s notice and searching for a flat towards Seaford or Eastbourne. I’m fussy though. I want a balcony, a sea view, 2 double bedrooms, leeway for a fluffy pet, an allocated parking space, a quiet road, a discreet entrance, south facing windows, my own front door…

I have had the time of my life in Brighton for the past couple of years but my priorities are changing. Many of you may be aware that I legit work from home – almost totally full time now – and it’s getting to the point where I’m yearning for a home office. A woman cave if you will. But this requires space, and you can get way more bang for your buck outside of the Brighton city walls.

If I were the sort of person to laz...

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Name change by Ms-Ryder on Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:51 pm
First please note the change of profile name. I've made an overhaul and now reflect my AW profile to my Domination website rather that the sensual site I will be eventually closing down when the domain comes up for renewal. For those who enjoy the more gentle Tie & Tease or sensual massage, do not fear I still play at various levels and cater to the newbs as well as more experienced.

My old website is up for renewal mid Feb, I will be closing the Annabelle site down. Several reasons for this are due to guys texting with "do you do anal" they just don't understand the services/activities offered (plonkers)


There is a Horsham escort with the name Annabelle charging £200 per hour for bare back and I do not wish to have the same name or any miss understandings, which there has been with guys booking Me for an hour and not understanding why I'm wearing a strap-on and want to spank their arse. Even though it's been discussed they have actually stated when they have ...

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Rockin' Around Christmas by Anonymous on Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:03 am
Since being an adult I’ve had a strange relationship with Christmas. One year indulging in sentimentality and having my hopes dashed when others don’t comply; another year would be spent stoically protesting Western culture and insisting on spending the day on my own.

This year I have been enjoying a full social calendar and have remembered what this time of year is really about: connection.

Last week I jaunted down to Bournemouth to see my best friend. We mooched around the Christmas market, drank our body weight in mulled wine and acquired some boot-shaped mugs covered with naff Germanic cartoons. We succumbed to the Black Friday sales, and as I approached the counter with an armful of winter woollies, she grabbed them off me, paid for them and said “happy Christmas”. I guess that saved her a job, and saved me a few quid.

My present to her was a handmade crochet dream catcher in all her favourite shades of green. I made my mum and step dad one each, and even had enough leftove...

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