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Hi all please DO NOT PANIC, i am currently writing my dissertation on unfair treatment to employees in the workplace and i have chosen to write about the unfair treatment of the working girls at Secret Passions Burgess Hill. I have based my decision after reading through this chat forum/blog of unfairly poorly paid working girls at this establishment. In short i am a Lawyer who defends employees who are unfairly treated irrelevant of what kind of work they do,fair working conditions is my bag.

Question Folks

Please could the managers explain in full on this forum WHY YOU PAY YOURSELF 60% AND PAY THE GIRLS JUST 40%. To clarify i have never heard of such awful percentages in my entire career as a Human Rights Lawyer. I look forward to your reply on this matter and your justification of these outrageous figures you have set out.



Well hy there!Me! by kitty_B on Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:26 pm
Dear gents, :welcome:

As i saw a lot of comments ,reviews and speculations about myself here,i said ok its time for me to have my say.First off all because my english isnt 100% perfect YES someone is been helping me and my friend (Cindarella D) with our pages and texts,but however i don't see where is the problem in that or if its something to be concerned about because this has been done in order for you guys to understand 100% what i am about and what i provide this was done for you so why the big fus about it? Another thing my breasts are 100% real and please check my feedback on there you can see details as well!

As my former clients can tell you i do work alone (independent) if someone helped me that doesn't mean...

[ Continued ]

The Final Curtain by Anonymous on Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:24 pm
I thought there would be some sort of grand finale or fan fair, but it’s quite the opposite. I’m happy to unceremoniously slip away. I pondered on whether even to bother posting this blog. But I thought, considering I’ve met so many genuinely lovely people over the years, it would be rude not to announce that I’m hanging up my stockings.
This time last year I was a resolute bachelor with often more money than sense, an insatiable appetite for partying and an absolute disdain for marriage, babies and that whole ‘settling down’ shit. But a lot can happen in a year…

About this time last year, I had struck quite a spark with a new regular, to the point where we broke the golden rules of the game – he stopped paying pretty quickly. I had been in these scenarios before; the guy says he wants to be your boyfriend, you put out, then realise it was all a game to get free sex. But this one was different. He showered me in more affection and sensuality than I knew was possible and was willing to ...

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The term jaded by Ms-Ryder on Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:12 am
I have often seen the term jaded used against escorts on here, Mmm lets take a moment to think what might possibly be the root cause.........

Could it be that you have rang the escort 20 times already asking exactly the same questions, her prices etc and then only offered her £60? She has stored your number you know and may not even connect now.

Could it be your general behavior and the way that you treat her, she really doesn't want a client that behaves like a complete dick.

Am I jaded? In real time bookings with decent reliable guys who don't behave like complete plonkers NO not at all!!! I very much enjoy what I do when I have weeded out the time wasting, fantasy land idiots who live in the world of the Friday-ad and doing the ring around or hide on internet forums but never come out to actually play.

Am I jaded on the phone, as a general rule NO but I will be a tad short on information given out if I can tell it's one of "those" yet again!

[ Continued ]

Naturist Massage Sussex/Kent border by Ricky on Thu May 01, 2014 9:43 pm
Can anyone tell me of any naturist masseuse (female) anywhere on or near the Sussex/Kent area.

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